Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COAD)

What is COAD?

COAD includes various community organizations that provide human service needs to our community. These include non-profit, governmental, volunteer, faith-based, public service organizations and businesses. COAD functions within the Callaway County Emergency Operations Plan to include: Mass care/shelter operations, volunteer management, donation management, unmet community needs and coordinating this support to other communities outside the Callaway County area.

How You Can Be Involved?

When disaster strikes a community, many people feel the need to reach out to those affected. COAD's mission is to bring together human services organizations in a coordinated response to disaster-caused needs. Through collaboration, COAD seeks to meet unmet needs and minimize duplication of services.

To discuss joining COAD, contact the current COAD chair:

Michelle Kidwell, is the Emergency Management Director for Callaway County. She may be reached at (573) 592-2480 or

Primary COAD Functions and Lead Organizations include:

Clothing & Food
Debris Clearance Teams/ Damage Assessment Teams
Donated Goods
Emotional Support
Information and Referral
Mass Care and Shelter
Spiritual Support

COAD Members May Include:

Local Red Cross
Local Salvation Army Unit
Local Public Health Agency
Local Ministerial Alliance
Representatives from local churches
Elected Officials
Local Banks
Local Merchants
Local Rotary
Local Service Organizations:
Knights of Columbus
Family Service Department
Community Action Agency
Center for Independent Living